Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Are we sitting comfortably?

This is the old lounge suite.  The Practical Reinventor has always hated it.  It's not fitted into any house in which the reinventors have lived and it dominated (and not in a good way) Marmalade Cottage.

And this is how much space we discovered when we removed it.

And the new rug

And the new lounge suite with Creative Reinventor ensconced

And suddenly there was enough space to put up the Christmas tree!

Monday, 29 December 2014

And in the meantime...

The Practical Reinventor has been busy.  Stupidly so.  But she is still ashamed at the lack of blogging, and after gentle chastisement from Carol, will endeavour to catch you all up.

The Creative Reinventor has possibly been busier, what with running Bolt Coffee and all, but he never blogs so that's immaterial.


So, since... May, Marmalade Cottage has:
  • A brand new, shiny rangehood.  We're still wiping that greasy film off everything and marvelling at its ability to suck;
  • A new (old) lounge suite that fits in the lounge/dining room and looks gorgeous.  It's a 1930s merry widow suite (three-seater and two armchairs) loving reupholstered in luxe gold, green and plum fabric.  The purchase also necessitated the purchase of a new rug for the lounge, which involved some quite funny conversations in a number of rug shops;
  • Gotten rid of the hideous queen sized bed that took up far too much space in the spare room.  (How wonderful is social media - where you can post a picture and have someone come and take it away and pay for it, all within in the hour?!);
  • Also gotten rid of lots of other bits and pieces, again via social media, to create lot of space; and
  • Acquired quite a nice sofa bed and another new rug (no funny conversations about that one, the Creative Reinventor just went and bought something he liked) thus transforming the spare bedroom into an art studio.
There's also been some upgrading of MacOS and iPhones which has rather messed up the smooth transfer of photos to blog.  Sorry about that.  Hopefully that'll be sorted soon.