Thursday, 9 June 2016

Drama Queen

It's perfectly normal and healthy for chooks to moult once or twice a year.  They stop laying, lose some feathers, have a bit of a rest, grow them back and go back to laying.

Violet has to go further than everyone else.  Of four attempts to take this photo (she kept running away - do chooks feel embarrassment?) this was the best.  Makes you groan.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Little tarts

Marmalade Cottage didn't have any citrus when the Reinventors moved in.

Now it has tangeloes

which make sublime marmalade, and grapefruit

which would make good marmalade, but the Practical Reinventor eats them all fresh.

Sunday, 5 June 2016


There's a fence somewhere under the ivy hedge at the front of Marmalade Cottage, or the remains of one.

What we didn't know was that it still had this.

Rather sweet vintage numbers.  Nailed on crookedly.
They suit the place.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Climate creep

It's winter in Perth, which means it's something like spring would be in Europe, a bit of rain, lots of gloriously sunny days and the garden has covered itself in green.

One of our local gardening celebrities has been talking about climate creep for a few years now, and it's pretty obvious what she means.  Our seasons really are changing.

Exhibit A: baby silverbeet.  I'd ordinarily expect to seem them a couple of months ago, but it was far too hot, or in a couple of months' time when it starts to warm up a bit.  But it's warm now, at the beginning of winter, and we have a carpet of these.

And roses.  We have lots of roses.  Mostly green waste collection passes Marmalade Cottage by - leaves get mulched and composted, branches dried off and used as kindling, and the chooks take care of most of the weeds.  But this year we pruned a few things quite hard in late April. 
The poor roses are blooming magnificently, but not drying off well at night as we are getting a bit of dew, so lots of them are rotting on their stems.

The pomegranate seems to know what to do.