Tuesday, 11 October 2011

On the approach of summer

One of the first quotes we decided not to go with was for insulation.  It was less than a third of the quote to buy some more-than-needed-for-the-job insulation from someone off Gumtree, then just a matter of getting the batts up the ladder and into the ceiling.

We bought the insulation before the house settled, and lovely friends P and D stored it for us.  A bit of it went in several weeks after we moved in.  Then it got put off and put off.

Last weekend we set this up:

Then the practical reinventor, who does not have a head for heights, and does not do ladders, folded each batt in half and passed it to the creative reinventor in the ceiling.  That's five packs of 16 batts.

We're very glad it's done.

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