Wednesday, 1 February 2012

All creatures

It'd come time for Jodie the neurotic kelpie and Lola-cat to visit the vet for their vaccinations and general check-up.

The practical reinventor had booked the day between Australia Day and the weekend off work and had a list of errands to run, the vet being the first.

Jodie twigged something was afoot when she was subjected to the hose and shampoo.  Lola, when the cat carrier came out.  The practical reinventor immediately realised her profound error of booking them in for a dual appointment when she came to wrangle the pair of them into the ute.

Fortunately both are very healthy, although neither of them coped having their temperatures taken.  Lola complained long and loud, Jodie nipped the vet.  Most embarrassing.

By comparison, their vaccinations were a minor annoyance.

Next time we'll set the ratio at two reinventors : one pet, rather than the reverse.

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