Sunday, 27 May 2012

Seasonal planting.

The winter vegie garden is just about planted.  Despite the delightful autumn weather Perth has put on, we're having thoughts of soups, heavy with potatoes and leek, and fragrant with thyme and garlic.

It's been so sunny, we had to water the garden today before we could start digging.  There is rain forecast for this week, which, frankly, will make a nice change from the relentless sunshine.

We planted some more garlic and two varieties of potato: sapphire and kipfler.  The sapphires are purple outside and in, they taste fabulous, but make very odd-looking mash.

The broad beans that went in a month ago haven't come up, either old seeds or not enough sun, so we put some more into a less protected spot.

Lovely friends D and P gave us some artichoke seedlings, which was an act of optimism, as the ones they donated last year didn't survive the summer.  But the garden is much more organised this year, and the seeds and seedlings are going into the ground much earlier, so they should be better established by the time the hot weather hits.

Meanwhile in the flower garden at the front of the house, the weeds run rampant.  The bulbs are starting to sprout and the roses are still blooming - must be all the sun.


  1. It's a fine time of year for planting. Where did you get you seed potatoes? It's hard to track down interesting varieties. I've bought some King Edwards that will be planted in a couple of weeks

  2. Hi Graham - this is probably heretical or seditious or something, but I just don't do seed potatoes. I plant potatoes, if I find something interesting I save a couple and put them in the ground. These two varieties came from a small farm stall at the Kalamunda markets on a Sunday morning. I've never had any sort of problem, and fail to see why certification is necessary. Challenge the fear-merchants, I say!

  3. Nice work Team. I must get into this blogging thing. Our patch started out well with Garlic, Beetroot, cabbage, etc your classic winter crops. Now it is finally raining there might be some more action. Slorde