Thursday, 15 January 2015

Under the sun

Summer in Perth is nasty.  Marmalade Cottage bakes and the reinventors are pretty pleased if they manage to have 75 per cent of the garden survive the season.  They apply wetting agent and spread mulch liberally.  There is no reticulation so they spend lots of time holding a hose.

Last year, the Creative Reinventor's mum found a shade house at a garage sale and for the second year it's been installed over the main vegie garden.

This is what grows in the shade.

Butter beans



The silverbeet still goes to seed, but that means next year's crop is already planted.

Absolutely no idea what these might be.

As well as the aforementioned wetting agent and mulch, we mucked out the chook pen and dug that in, then scattered about a dozen or so packets of expired seeds.

Exciting, isn't it? 

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