Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Nothing to worry about, then.

Last year, the practical reinventor managed to get stung by a bee twice.  And twice she had a serious reaction.  Lots of red and itchy and swollen, to the point she grumpily conceded there might an issue, and said issue should be dealt with.

The dealing-with involved a GP visit, a referral to an allergy specialist, then a five-month wait for the privilege of paying $400.

Which is a little unfair, but still.

So yesterday was the long-awaited visit to the allergy specialist, in a converted house in one of Perth's more soulless suburbs.

He drew a grid on her arm, applied various venoms, pricked the skin, and we sat back to watch what happened.

Turns out she's allergic to bee stings (hmm...) but not to other bitey/sting-y things.  And allergic in little more than an uncomfortable/annoying manner.  Although it does look rather dramatic.

Nothing life-threatening.  No need for panic or an epi-pen.

So that's that, then.

The bee hive can remain in the back garden, and so long as there are antihistamines, cortisone and ice on hand, all should be well.

But really, she should just avoid being stung.

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