Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Another transformation

When the reinventors moved into Marmalade Cottage, this back bit of the house was a kitchen of sorts.  It was so disgusting most of it went straight into a skip, and the reinventors put a sink and stove and such into the original kitchen.
This bit got left as a storage room/passage to the sewing room, but with the cold water sink.
The sink was moderately useful for washing dirt off vegetables or paint off brushes.  The rats that moved in last summer found it a useful entryway and nest.  
Finally the sink is going and the space will be far more useful.
We definitely needed expert help with this.  Once the sink was gone and the wall behind reinstated, the area needed plumbing and some useful stuff fitted.

This is as far as we got in a day.  You can't see the plumbing, trust us there's now hot water and washing machine fittings.
The reinventors are going to have a go at tiling that unfinished bit of floor (how hard can it be?!), and then the bench will have a cabinet end put on it, a big hole cut in it and a sink and shiny new taps installed. Then there is space for some shelves or a cupboard, and the front loader to fit neatly under the bench.
It'll be a proper, indoor laundry!
The only downside seems to be that we won't be able to put the greywater from the washing machine on our tiny patch of lawn/green weeds under the Hills Hoist.

The filthy, rat-poo infused, broken sink unit went out on hard rubbish.  And was snaffled by someone with lots of ambition within a couple of hours.  I guess it did have its original bakelite handles, but still...

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