Friday, 3 June 2016

Climate creep

It's winter in Perth, which means it's something like spring would be in Europe, a bit of rain, lots of gloriously sunny days and the garden has covered itself in green.

One of our local gardening celebrities has been talking about climate creep for a few years now, and it's pretty obvious what she means.  Our seasons really are changing.

Exhibit A: baby silverbeet.  I'd ordinarily expect to seem them a couple of months ago, but it was far too hot, or in a couple of months' time when it starts to warm up a bit.  But it's warm now, at the beginning of winter, and we have a carpet of these.

And roses.  We have lots of roses.  Mostly green waste collection passes Marmalade Cottage by - leaves get mulched and composted, branches dried off and used as kindling, and the chooks take care of most of the weeds.  But this year we pruned a few things quite hard in late April. 
The poor roses are blooming magnificently, but not drying off well at night as we are getting a bit of dew, so lots of them are rotting on their stems.

The pomegranate seems to know what to do.

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