Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The first weekend

 Our bedroom, with clean walls.
 And again, with the first touches of a shade of blue called Foresight.  Soooo much nicer than the hospital green it's been wearing all these years.
 The loungeroom with clean walls and a clean window.
 The loungeroom fireplace, with partly sanded timber floors.
 Scrubbing 50 years' worth of cigarette smoke off the walls made an enormous difference.
 The creative one is quite pleased at the prospect of an indoor toilet.
 An army of generous friends pitched in to help with the work.
 Some much more deft with a cutting-in brush than we are.
The helper's helpers.  The seven-year-old took the story of the old man who didn't clean his house to school for show-and-tell on Monday morning.  

And now all that cleaning has to be done over - at 7.30 Monday morning the chasers hacked into our walls, cutting grooves for the new wiring.  Shortly after that the electricians crawled into the roof to feed the wires down, and then the plumbers dug up the 1920s era plumbing from under the 1940s concrete.  

We move in in two days.

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