Monday, 16 May 2011

Something of a shopping list

The plan has always been to do this renovation in the greenest manner possible.  So we've making a large effort to find second-hand appliances, fittings and furniture.

And, as settlement is in less than two weeks, there's quite a bit of pressure to accumulate rather a lot of things, especially those the plumber and electrician need to fit, very shortly after settlement.

This past weekend, with the help of the trusty Quokka and Gumtree, the reinventors are now in possession of 100m2 of insulation, a toilet (which had never been installed, but since it wasn't bought retail, counts as not new) and a hot water service.

The hunt is on for a kitchen sink and some stainless steel catering benches, towel rails, a toilet roll holder, one or two light fittings, and some doors.

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