Saturday, 23 July 2011

The inaugural party

So it was the creative one's birthday yesterday, and what better excuse does one need to throw a party?

The reinventors were most pleased that no one went through a floorboard, and nothing attached to the house caught fire.  There does seem to be rather more beer and wine after the party than before, and they are not drawing any conclusions from that.

The free-off-Gumtree stove performed admirably - clam chowder, spiced mushroom and cauliflower soup, baked potatoes, beef stew, braised lentils, broccoli with lemon and almond sauce, and mulled wine. 

It did not cope with pavlova.  But, as any creative cook knows, lots of whipped cream and fruit atop will adequately disguise a flattish meringue.

The reinventors suspect that's the first party Marmalade Cottage has seen in nearly 50 years.  And Marmalade Cottage had a lovely time.

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