Saturday, 16 July 2011

Yes, we still have no internets

But there is progress.

After the practical one cracked the shits at the contractor who wanted to charge $620 a hour to dig a trench, and dug it herself, it then took another two weeks for anything to happen with the trench.

But at last the contractor of the contractor of Telstra showed up to put cable in the trench.  And left without even filling it in.  However we have a plug in the wall that will soon be connected to the outside world.

Which is progress indeed!

In less technical news - the kitchen is all but finished and there are fruit trees planted in the back yard.  The loungeroom sports its first coat of paint, which was not achieved without setback - the creative one (who is a big lad) put his foot through a floorboard.  So the search is now on for matching boards with which to patch.

The Marmalade Cottage family briefly grew to four with the arrival of Susie, a Maltese Terrier-Shitzhu cross.  Except Susie, who is seven and has always had people and other dogs around her, could not cope with being left alone, and destroyed her leash, every cardboard box she could reach and most of the potted herb garden, before climbing a fence and visiting the neighbours.  The reinventors simply aren't able to be with her all the time, so she is looking for new owners.

Lola cat is much relieved at the departure of Susie.

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