Sunday, 4 September 2011

Going back to basics

One of the things we were so impressed about with Marmalade Cottage was its Metters No 2 wood stove still in its original spot in the kitchen.

Knowing the former owners refused to spend any money on the house, we were fairly sure the chimney had never been swept, but with everything else that needed - and still needs - doing, it got put on a list.

Enough jobs have been crossed off the list that the chimneysweep (called George, but sadly not wearing a top hat) came on Saturday.  An hour and a large pile of soot later, we were good to go.

George have us some invaluable advice on how to manage the fire in the stove, then left us to it.

Here's the creative reinvetor carefully making newspaper tinder knots.

And here it is in action!   The chimney drew beautifully and the stove warmed the kitchen delightfully.  The enamel is in exceptionally good condition, needing only a wipe down.  We'll get a thermometer for the oven before we try baking anything, but boiling and frying on the hotplates should be fine.

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