Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Not even close

The reinventors had been quite looking forward to today - the day the security screens were fitted. 

We got the quote five weeks ago, T of Security Company came to Marmalade Cottage and measured up the odd shaped doors and windows very carefully, then promised they'd be fitted in two weeks.

That deadline came and went.  There were a number of phone calls and today was settled upon.

The agreed time came and trickled by.

Three-quarters of an hour later, the installer drove straight past Marmalade Cottage.  Two bemused phone calls later he parked out front.

Better late than, well, you know.

The front security door went on with only a little swearing and bodgying on the part of S, the installer.

But not the back door or either of the window screens.

It transpires the T's measuring has the been the subject of rather a lot of swearing of late.  But this was a new low.

S loaded our back door and two window screens back onto his truck, to be taken back to the factory to be recut and he assures us they will be secured next week.

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