Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Our own coffee

The Creative Reinventor, it has to be said (and he wouldn't deny it) is a coffee nerd. 

He's worked in the coffee industry for years, owns two espresso machines, takes huge offence at over-roasted blends and don't even mention instant in his presence.

One thing he'd never done was roast his own beans.

But with a bread maker and a heat gun

he discovered he can roast quite a respectable batch.

Sadly we're in the wrong climate zone to grow our own coffee.  Pity, that'd be really cool.


  1. There are people in Perth with coffee trees that bear beans. I know of a couple in Maida-Vale with a tree.

  2. Hi Noala

    That's very, very interesting. Do you know whether it's an arabica or a robusta? Do they use a greenhouse?