Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

One of the first decisions on the Marmalade Cottage kitchen garden was where the herb garden would be built.

This is immediately outside the back door.  It is badly infested with onion grass, oxalis and those little bulbs with indestructible reed-like leaves and pretty, little, pink flowers.  We've dug out huge piles of the weeds, but are sure there are more, just waiting to appear later in spring.  The bay tree seems to appreciate being cut back and freed of the weeds choking its roots.  The grapevine doesn't look at all well. We hope it'll survive.


Gumtree yielded a load of limestone blocks.  The practical reinventor and her screen siren-lookalike friend, D, donned gardening gloves and with much co-ordinated effort loaded them into the ute.  They left the creative reinventor, who is much better built for such donkey work, to unload and put the blocks in place.  With some compost and a load of racehorse poo, courtesy of the stables at Ascot, the bed was ready for planting.


And here it is!  All planted out.  As well as parsley, sage, thyme, stevia, chillis, oregano, chives, and basil gratefully removed from the pots they've been in for years, there will be dill and coriander grown from seed.
Along the back there are four blueberries and an elder.

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