Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Then and now

This is the back garden in May, when we took possession of Marmalade Cottage.  It had been unrelentingly hot and dry.

We resisted working on the garden for a long time - there was so much that desperately needed doing in the house.  So we focused on the house.  
And the work in the house is pretty tedious - painting, sanding, cleaning...  It got boring.  And it had rained.  We wanted a harvest and a lovely place to relax as spring came.  
This is how things look now.
As well as Lola-cat skulking through the broad beans, you can see kale, garlic, rosemary, mulberries and the tangelo tree.  You can't yet see the potatoes, lettuce, beans, peas, nasturtiums and sunflowers.
Isn't it gorgeously green?

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